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VeRoLog team


VeRoLog Solver Challenge 2014 Final Results

The final results of the First VeRoLog Solver Challenge, sponsored by PTV, have been communicated by the jury during the closing ceremony of the Oslo Conference.

The final evaluation was conducted on two new large instances with three variants each and the score considered for each team was the average score obtained with four different runs of the code. 

The winner team resulted which was awarded a diploma, a thropy and 1000 Euro

1st place: Team n. 1,  KU Leuven, Belgium, leader J. Christiaens

The podium also included 

2nd place: Team n.11, FCEyN, Un Buenos Aires, Argentina, leader J.J. Miranda Bront

3rd place: Team n.5, Helmut-Schmidt-University, Germany, leader M. J. Geiger

The remaining finalist teams are:

Team n.6, EMSE, France, leader D. Cattaruzza

Team n.20, UValenciennes, France, leader R. Todosijevic

Team n.13, University of Sarajevo, Bosnia, leader V. Muhović

Team n.2, Univ. of Maryland, USA, leader O. Lum

Team n.22, BUPT, China, leader M. Tao

Team n.12, RANDOM, Univeristy of Twente, The Netherlands, leader R. van Urk

Team n.25, Warwick Business School, U.K., leader V. Deineko


All instances and best solution found by the finalists teams will be soon made available through the VeRoLog Website and from the forthcoming VRP-REP repository (more info at


Congratualtions to all teams that made possible this exciting competition, and thanks to PTV and the personnel who did a tremendous work for the instance construction and testing !


The VSC2014 jury (W. Heid, G. Hasle and D. Vigo)