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Launching of VRP-REP: the vehicle routing problem repository

We are glad to announce the launch of VRP-REP: the vehicle routing problem repository. As a result of the ever-increasing interest in vehicle routing problems, today VRP data (test instances and solutions) is being produced faster than ever. Since the community lacks a centralized open-to-everybody data repository, researchers typically share their data through their personal or institutional websites. As a result, VRP data is spread all over the Internet in tens (maybe hundreds) of different formats. In the past, some important efforts have been made to centralize VRP data (e.g., TSPLib or VRP Web), but the resulting repositories are “closed” and depend on a single person for maintenance and updates. The VRP-REP project aims to provide the community with a contributive platform for sharing VRP data including a number of services and tools to make data browsing and processing easier. VRP-REP services include: uploading/downloading datasets (i.e., set of instances); reporting solutions for datasets registered in the platform; linking datasets to problem variants and bibliographical references; browsing best known solutions for registered datasets; and, browsing references per dataset or problem variant. VRP-REP tools include: a universal xml format for data files and open-source code for data reading/writing and solution checking. The success of the VRP-REP initiative depends on everyone’s contributions. We invite all VeRoLog members to join the VRP-REP at http://www.vrp-rep.organd to start contributing.

The VRP-REP steering committee