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IFAC Conference on Manufacturing Modelling, Management & Control

Track: Optimization for transportation and vehicle routing problems (Christian Prins, Thibaut Vidal)

  • Vehicle Routing for services provision (f2y51): Nacima Labadie, Renata Mansini, Jan Melechovsky
  • Risk management and transportation (q98j6): Murat Afsar, Caroline Prodhon, Nubia Velasco
  • Green transportation logistics (s12m3): Philippe Lacomme, Daniele Vigo, Thibault Vidal, Caroline Prodhon
  • Hybrid approaches for efficient solutions in transportation, logistic and mobility (244rx): Said Hanafi, Christophe Wilbaut
  • Collaborative Transportation Planning and Profit/Cost Allocation (mtg7i): Haoxun Chen, HervĂ© Manier
  • Vehicle Routing Problems in City Logistics (4kbiu): Marie-Ange Manier, Aziz Moukrim
  • Management of International Shipments of Hazardous Materials and Waste (4qqp7): Haibo Wang, Elias Olivares-Benitez